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Version 5 PRO

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Part #: Version 5 PRO
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EnRoute 5 software will work on XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 and 8.1. It will not run on Server OS's.

Drawing, Editing and Design Tools
Single Stroke Fonts
Object and Text Distortion
Contour Line Noise Distortion
Braille (Grade 2)
2D Cutting
3D Engrave, Carving, and Prismatic Lettering
3D Relief Surfacing
Noise Distortion
Rendering and Output Simulation
3D Relief Creation and Editing
3D Parametric Surfacing
Relief Offset for Mold Making
3D Rendering Simulation
Relief Distortion-Follow a Path
Rapid Texture and Picture
Advanced Nesting Suite
Quick Fit Nesting
Nest with Obstructions
Common Line Nest and Cut
Remnant Sheet Creation
Nesting with Remnants
Automatic Tool Path / ATP
Nesting Report
Tool Compensation
Boxster Cabinet Maker
Different Plates on Different Layers
Simple Relief-Plate Alignment
Fine Tool for Routing Offsets